Cruise to The Funen Village (Den Fynske Landsby)

If you are going to visit The Funen Village, you can spice up your visit with a trip on Aafart. The mood on the trip on the Odense River is calm and well suited to experience the old village.

You can start the day from Munke Mose (Monk’s Marsh) and cruise out to Fruens Bøge (Lady’s Beech), where you have to walk about 1 km to get to The Funen Village, and when the visit to the village is over, you can enjoy a half-hour cruise back into town.

If you prefer to park at The Funen Village, you can take Aafart either before or after your visit to the village and so extend the day with an extra experience. However, remember that there is 1 km to walk between The Funen Village and Erik Bøghs Sti (Erik Bøgh’s Path) where Aafart stops.