Cruise to Denmark's cosiest zoo

Start your trip at Odense Zoo with a trip with Aafarten and be an experience richer. A trip on the Odense River is stunningly beautiful and it sets the mood for a cosy day at the Zoo. When the day at the zoo is over, you return with the boat to Munke Mose.

In addition to the amazing experience, the big advantage of cruising to Odense Zoo is that you can jump the queue at the entrance. There is no stress and no long queues with Aafart. You can buy admission tickets for the same price as at Odense Zoo's entrance, or you can show us your season ticket.

If you would like to park your car at Odense Zoo, you can still cruise with Aafart. You can get on at Erik Bøghs Sti in Fruens Bøge or at Odense Zoo, cruise to Munke Mose and return to the Zoo. You get the same experience as if you start in the city and you can drive the car home from the Zoo.


Take a break on the water

You can also choose to take a break in the middle of the day at the Zoo. You can hop on Aafart and relax for an hour on the water surrounded by green leaves and the river’s ducks and other animals. It’s a good way to get a little break from all the impressions of the Zoo, both for children and adults. After an hour’s break, you are again ready to meet the animals and explore the rest of the Zoo.